Audio Conferencing

It is the goal of any enterprise to achieve competence and productivity through efficient utilization of their human capital. Effective, interwoven and information rich communication is the key to derive such results. Especially when the team is geographically spread across diverse locations, it becomes one of the strategic goals of an enterprise to optimize its communication while saving cost of infrastructure and billing.

Our flexible, cost effective and customized Audio conferencing solutions – “MEET EASY” enables enterprises of all sizes be it small, medium and large to have unlimited possibilities to achieve this goal and save phenomenal travel and billing expenses while improving employee productivity through training, conducting review meetings or simply conducting last minute meetings.

“MEET EASY” is the only solution with GSM platform available in industry providing absolutely seamless audio conferencing experience with HD voice quality. Our audio conferencing bridge has immense flexibility for any level of customization possibilities for enhancing user experience.

Moreover, all the conferencing solutions powered by “MEET EASY” are provided with professional conference moderators for effective two way communication in secure setting. The moderator offers various significant features like muting / un – muting the participants, Q&A session; address book dialing, new Joinee notification , Chat , Leader initiated conferencing, adding emergency participants ,etc.

  • Connect many people together using your normal telephone.
  • No advanced booking or reservation is required with the dependency of service provider.
  • No time bound costing.

On premise Audio bridge solution – “MEET EASY”

“MEET EASY” On Premise Bridge Deployment Service offers to set up your own Audio Conferencing Bridge at your office premises enabling you to have complete control of your Audio Conferencing needs.

“MEET EASY” has the capability of deploying high capacity Audio Bridge that ensures security, flexibility and cost saving. We deploy our GSM based – Audio Conferencing Bridge for companies with their offices located in different geographies and have huge requirement of Audio Conferencing services.

“MEET EASY” – GSM Based On Premise conference Solution delivers results best in class to the customers willing to:

  • Save the cost of Audio Conference Bridge.
  • Have complete freedom and control for all Audio Conferences.
  • Ensure complete security by personally controlling and managing each conference.
  • Reduce cost of frequent audio conference billing.

Features of our audio conference bridge

  • Lecture Mode / Interactive mode
  • Addition of a party to the conference without need of PIN
  • Mute and Un-mute option
  • Initiate the conference with Admin access
  • Cross-compatibility for all types of PBX and Direct CO lines
  • Schedule with an auto dialer
  • Remote access for adding a party to the conference
  • Fully compatible with VOIP and TDM
  • Connectivity option for GSM
  • Notification option for parties joining and leaving the conference (SMS / Email)
  • MIS reporting option
  • No hang-up tones
  • Restrict entry or joining in the conference
  • Add various groups simultaneously
  • Multiple Administrators


PRI Based – Hi cost. No control over usage and recurring cost.

A participant usually doesn’t remember the conference time and also the bridge number and other bridge codes, especially when they are in the travel. If the participants do not have enough balance also they may not be able to join the conference.

The conversation is not made available for future reference.

Anyone can login to the conference bridge with the pin number, so confidentiality cannot be assured.

Cost involves following components:
• Per minute per person pricing
• Charges for dialing into the bridge number (normally hidden charges)

"MEET EASY" SOLUTION – Eupraxia Telecom

GSM based – CUG and fixed monthly cost ensures no huge cost and very low fixed monthly cost

Outward Dialing: A centralized server dials out to the participants registered in a call session, so that they need not remember the call timing. This also eliminates the call cost which the participant in a session would usually spend in a conventional system.

Report Generation: Call recordings are created for future references for each call, which can be used even as minutes of meeting / reference / training references.

Enhanced Security: The process eliminates the possibility of an unregistered person sneaking into the call session. The entire system is deployed onsite for added security.

Cost effective and easy to use:
• 0 cost
• No Pay and use